Backstreet Boys Back In The Studios

The Backstreet Boys are back in the studios to record their fifth album, according to Jermaine Dupri who spilled the beans the other day on ‘The Jay Leno Show’.

According to J.D who is best known for writing catchy hit singles for the likes of Usher, Da Brat and Lil Bow Wow, it is indeed true that the boys, whose last album was the successful ‘Millennium’, are shifting towards a different sound because he’s about to head back to the studios with them and work.Meanwhile, articles depicting the group in crisis talks have been dismissed by Backstreet Boys’ record company.

Jive Records have also said to fans of the ‘Drowning’ hitmakers not to believe the write-ups stating that Nick Carter, ex-boyfriend of Willa Ford, has split away from the boyband and is recording material of his own.

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