allSTARS To Sing In A Cube And Also Slam The British Press

Sparkly teen sensations allSTARS are set to bring Central London to a standstill later this week when they perform tracks from their approaching album in a glass cube, believe it or not!

Fans and passers-by will be able to see the elegant pop-5-piece doing what it is they do best, performing good quality pop numbers that is, all outside the HMV store in London’s Covent Garden on May 2nd at 11am encased in Nintendo’s seven-foot Clear Cubes.

There, allSTARS, which consists of Sam, Thaila, Ashley, Becky and Sandi will execute some of their biggest hits, as well as their gorgeous newie, ‘Back When’, plus one or two sneak preview tracks from their self-titled debut album which is released on May 13th.

The first 30,000 copies of the album sold will include a second CD of remixes.

The event also marks the release of Nintendo’s latest games console that’ll punch into stores the following day, May 3rd.Meanwhile, allSTARS seem to be all over the news these days, including them dissing the British press about the way the press writes write-ups. It has now looked like the tabs write anything they can dream up in the hopes to garner more readers and hence sales, be it the stories are false and damaging.

Thalia said “When you’re walking down the street and all those people have read something about you, they’ve perceived you in a certain way, which is completely false to the way it is, that can turn out nasty. It’s not fair.”

Luckily, allSTARS haven’t reached that stage in their career yet when the tabloids are tracing their every move and Becky divulged that she’s glad about it, saying “It’s nice to be successful like we are. Like carrying an ironing board across Ealing Broadway like I did this morning. You can do things like that without getting the papers saying ‘Oh my god!!! She bought an ironing board for GBP8.49’. So it’s cool not have to deal with any of the bad stuff that comes from being really famous.”

Well, it looks like that relative obscurity is all about to come to an end as their brilliant Cathy Dennis-penned single, ‘Back When’, settles itself onto a respectable slot in the Top 20 region of the British single chart this weekend.

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