All The Girlies From Bellefire Want Is You

Bellefire have exclusively revealed recently that their forthcoming release, a cover of a U2 song, was never intended as a single.

Bellefire’s new single ‘All I Want Is You’ sees a 29 April release, but was never originally intended for release.

Cathy Newell told us how the cover came about. She said, ‘We’re all big U2 fans and two years ago when we got together, we went into the studio for the first time and wanted to pick a song we all loved and could put harmonies to.’

‘We did a rough demo and got great feedback from our record company but also from the U2 lads themselves,’ added 19-year-old Cathy.

U2 have praised the version of the song, originally a hit for the Irish supergroup in 1989. ‘We were at an award ceremony three weeks ago and U2 came over and congratulated us. That was amazing,’ said bandmate Tara Lee.

It was only that praise that convinced both the band and their label Virgin to release the cover as a single.

It was never meant to be a single but when Bono said it was good enough for him it was good enough for us,’ revealed Cathy. ‘Yeah. They said they loved hearing women sing their songs,’ added Kelly Kilfeather.

Bellefire’s sensationalised authorized cybersite can be viewed at:

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